Sanitizers for boda boda riders


Kisumu Women Representative office has partnered with Kibos Sugar Company to distribute sanitizers to 350 boda boda bases in the county.

Woman Rep Rosa Buyu says her office through National Government Affirmative Action Fund had identified 10 boda boda bases per ward.

Buyu says all the 35 wards will benefit from the sanitizers to help the rider and their customers in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

She says the Company is giving out sanitizers for free and it remains the duty of every leader to organize how to collect the liquid and distribute to the people.

Speaking to the press at Kibos, Buyu says the government must be complimented by leaders in the fight against Corona virus.

She says the government had identified boda boda as a focus centre in the spread of the virus.

Buyu told the riders to ensure that once they get the sanitizers they must ensure they maintain cleanliness.

She further announced that her office will offer hand washing jerricans to the markets within the city.

She says most traders were sent out of the open air markets and the places where they have been relocated lacks hand washing equipment.