Several people were feared dead after a bus carrying company employees overturned.


On Monday, May 22, a flower farm’s bus rolled many times, killing at least five passengers and wounding a number more. The accident occurred approximately a kilometer outside of Isinya town.

Around 7.30 am, the bus, which was transporting employees to their jobs, collapsed. The bus lost control and smashed into the side of the road in the early-morning collision.

Joseph Mutiso who witnessed the accident stated that the bus lost control and crashed by the roadside in the morning accident.

“I saw a number of occupants jumping out of the window after the bus had rolled and settled,” Mutiso stated as he recounted the tragic event. 

Further reports indicated that the bus, headed towards Kiserian, lost its brakes leading to the grisly accident.

Mutiso also noted that a number of flower farm workers were trapped in the wreckage for a number of minutes before help arrived.