Sh. 20 billion for kazi mtaani, Raila


ODM party leader Raila Odinga announced that parliament is in the process of drafting a supplementary budget that will allow the national treasury to inject Sh.20 billion in the 3rd phase of Kazi Mtaani.

He says the decision to implement a 3rd phase of Kazi Mtaani was reached after consulting president Uhuru Kenyatta as a mitigating factor against the ravaging effects of Covid 19.

Raila further reiterated his commitment to cushion vulnerable families through a monthly cash out of Sh. 6, 000.

He dismissed his opponents castigating the program saying his administration will seal corruption loopholes to fund the ambitious project targeting wastage and pilerafage of funds that has seen the government lose close to Sh. 2 billion daily.

He says the youth and the vulnerable groups remain his priority if elected the 5th President.

Raila says young people must rise up and take their positions in different sectors in the country.

However, he was disappointed by the low turnout of new voters in the long month of enhanced voter registration.

Raila says his base which is in the Nyanza region is doing badly in terms of registration figures.

Raila says that it is through the votes that he will be able to clinch the seat as he promised to continue reaching out to other regions for support.