Stop brutalizing our people, Akali


Suba North politican Jim Akali has condemned the force police officers are using to enforce curfew in the area.
Akali spoke days after one person was killed in Mbita by the police for disobeying the curfew order.
A young man was shot dead by the police after he was found hanging out after the 7pm curfew.
He says police must uphold their professionalism when carrying out their duties.
Akali says there are instances where the public can be caught up during the curfew order but with genuine reasons.
Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Akali urged the people of Suba North to ensure they follow President Uhuru Kenyatta order on curfew to avert injuries and unnecessary deaths caused by the police.
He further noted that  measures put in place by the ministry of health must be adhered to.
Akali says Corona virus is real and it’s time for the people to take measures being put in place seriously.