“The Strip Club is giving us a bad image” says Nyeri residents


Nyeri residents especially Women are pleading with the government to close a nearby strip club which opened in the town and they say that has been giving the area a bad picture and “stealing all the men”.

Female Members of the County Assembly of Nyeri revealed their fear by saying that men have neglected their families and are wasting their days staring at the sexy women who have been brought from Nairobi.

Nominated MCA Beth Nyawira sparked the debate when she said the new culture in the area will ruin families.

“These ladies come from Nairobi and dance naked doing immoral things that I cannot mention here,” she said.

Women in Nyeri town have been complaining about their husbands sleeping outside their homes since the club opened doors.

“These entertainment joints should either be regulated or be closed down forever. I am a mother of a baby boy and I can’t imagine him hearing of clubs where women dance naked,” she added.

Nyeri Central Deputy county commissioner Kimutai Ngeny, however, didn’t know why so many were flocking there. He sounded like he might just make a visit to see what happens.

“What is the difference between your body and the one you are paying to watch there? Or is it the twisting? Are you not able to twist yours when taking a bath?” The Deputy County Commissioner asked.