Kuria West MP Mathias Robi has said president Uhuru Kenyatta legacy as head of state and smooth end of his term in 2022 will depend on how he continue to treat his deputy.

Robi said if Kenyatta is keen on finishing his two terms in peace and leave behind a legacy, then the current mistreatment of Deputy President William Ruto and division in the ruling Jubilee Party should end.

Addressing the press in his home, Robi in a strong worded statement said Kenyatta as the party leader has failed to create any unity in the Jubilee Party which he said is already completely dead.

He said Kenyatta should remember that Jubilee Party was formed with support of several parties, while some people voted for him solely because of their love to Ruto which should not be taken for granted.

The legislator said since handshake happened, Jubilee legislators and members who voted and contributed their resources to campaigns they have been sidelined in government with many stalled development in their regions.

He said right now it is hard to know who speaks on behalf of Kenya between Raila and Kenyatta while in parliament, senate and county assemblies jubilee elected leaders are openly divided between Kenyatta and Ruto.

He insisted that the agreement by the Jubilee leadership to support Ruto for presidency after Kenyatta finishes his terms should continue.

By Basil Okoth