US beauty pageant charity work in the community.

Keerah Carter in a jig with widows in Muhoroni sub- county

A beauty pageant, all the way from Wisconsin State in the United States of America, arrived in a tiny village of Ngere Kagoro in Muhoroni Sub County to carry out charity work.

Keerah Carter, 28 years old, was selected Ms. Wisconsin in the Mr. Mrs. Ms. Black America Pageant, paving way for her to contest Ms. Black America pageant in 2021.

Crowned 2020 Ms. Wisconsin in September this year, Keerah visited a widow’s project being funded by her family, Andre Patrice Carter Foundation, empowering widows, to give them hope after the demise of their husbands.

She interacted with the widows at the Carter Foundation Widows Training Centre listening to their challenges.

“We want to empower the women to have them gain different skills they can use to support themselves,” she said amidst applause from the widows.
Keerah says her crowing has set her to a path where she will work towards changing lives among the vulnerable people in the society.

What she does in the community, she says, will be an added advantage to her quest to clinch the Ms Black America 2021.
“I just had the crowing in September, and I am preparing for next year’s event,” she said.

She called upon young girls to follow their desires when growing up to fulfill their dreams.
Keerah who planted a tree at the training centre says nothing is impossible under the sun noting that passion can be realized if there is dedication.
The widows were thrilled to have been visited by a beauty pageant giving them hope that their daughters too can make it in life.

Jane Auma Ayoo, the chairlady of the widows under Tintoler Community Based Organization says they have suffered a lot before they came together to form a group.

Ayoo says the Foundation came to their aid by building them a training hall, where they can converge and hone different economic skills.

“We have women who were left widows at a younger age and I want to thank Andre Carter, she is God sent, she has given us a hook to fish for ourselves,” she said.Jane Adhiambo Abuto, the deputy chairlady, says the myriad challenges they have been facing can only be resolved if they remain united.

Abuto says the level of poverty has made life difficult for the widows, orphans and persons living with disability to cope.

“It was our wish that we help these widows, especially the old women, some do not even has children to take care of them. We look forward to gaining economic skills in different fields to help us,” he said.

The Foundation is running a number of charity works in the entire Nyanza region.

By LTN Reporter