Village borehole


Residents of Macalder Kanyarwanda of Nyatike subconty in Migori will in the next one month benefit from improved access to clean and reliable water once a giant borehole being constructed by Copper Sacco is completed.

Commissioning the construction of the borehole sited at Kowuor village, Sacco’s chairman Felix Okwanyo said the facility is going to relieve the communities living in the water scarce area the agony of walking to River Kuja to fetch water for domestic use and livestock.

He said the Sh. 4 Million borehole project will also serve learning institutions such as Kowuor, Pap Rombe and Sungura primary schools and Macalder centre.

Okwanyo stated that efficient provision of water will not only contribute to sustainable economic development but also to poverty reduction and security.

The residents led by Mary Auma urged families who live around the borehole to guard and keep safe the water for other generations.

By LTN Reporter.