We can’t celebrate 2010 constitution: Migori PLWD.


Slow implementation of Persons Living with Disability legal framework at the National and County Assemblies has been cited as the main impediment to the realization of their rights since the inception of the 2010 constitution.

 In a meeting that brought together groups advocating interests of the PLWD in Migori County, the discussions painted a gloomy picture at the lawmakers both at National Assembly and County Assemblies for their non-committal positions when it comes to matters dealing with PLWD.

 Julius Amoke, United Disable Persons of Kenya official while speaking at the same function held at Isibania called on speedy implementation of Person with Disabilities Act 2003 to address increasing discrimination and harassment of PLWD in our communities. 

At the same time, Kuria West Disability Development Chairperson Newton Nkonye regretted that the 2010 constitution has done little to change the position of disable persons in Kenya.

 Nkonye proposed committees within National and County Assemblies which will specifically look at challenges facing persons with disabilities and how they can be solved. At the same time, Esther Onana nominated Member of County Assembly in charge PLWD said discrimination and harassment facing disable person in homes and public offices is wanting.

 She revealed discrimination within communities where men with disabilities are denied right to inherit property because most of them take time to have family because of their nature. 

The Isibania meeting was called to assess the gains of the 2010 constitution and other proposed laws in the lives of disable persons in Kenya. 

By Basil Okoth