We still need more help to flood victims, MCA says


West Nyakach MCA George Ogutu has appealed to well wishers to come to the aid of his constituents who are faced with a number of challenges as a result of flooding and backflow of water from Lake Victoria.

Ogutu says the number of people who are affected by floods is enormous and needs concerted effort to help them.

He lauded Director of Ring Road Orphans School in Kisumu Pastor Jared Oriadha who gave out food and non food items to the residents of Sango Rota.

Ogutu says Oriadha has been consistent with helping the people of West Nyakach whenever there is any emergency in the area.

“Over years, Oriadha has come to stand with us during calamities of floods. Even as at now where many families were displaced,” he said.

Speaking to the press at Sango Rota, Ogutu says it is not time for politics and every help to the people will be appreciated to cushion them from the sufferings of floods coupled with COVID-19 pandemic.

The MCA says Oriadha who has an ambition to vie for the Nyakach parliamentary seat in 2022 will not be forgotten by the people of West Nyakach.

“We all know that Oriadha is going to contest for Nyakach seat and when that time comes, the constituents will look back and see who came to their rescue during disasters,” he said.

Ogutu says the gesture by Oriadha is few among politicians noting that when times come for voting they will make wise decisions at the ballot.

“As the people of West Nyakach, we will not forget the assistance we have received from Oriadha and when the time comes, we will not forget about you,” he said.