Wheelchair saves woman paralyzed over five years

Jane Juma speaking to the press at her home in Kolondo Village.

In the village of Kolondo, in Kabondo Kasipul Sub County, it was joy for Jane Juma, 56 years old woman, who received a wheelchair after being paralyzed for five years.

Jane who was struck with a disease in 2015 leaving her paralyzed from the waist down has endured a lot forcing her family members to always carry her from the bedroom to the sitting room.

With no income, they have longed for a wheelchair to aid in her mobility but lacked funds for purchase.

A charitable organization, Andre Patrice Carter Foundation, a US based group, came to her aid after getting wind of her tribulations over the years.

The director of the Foundation Andre Carter was touched with her story and donated cash for the purchase of a brand new wheelchair and also gave out food rations.

“Awesome! I am truly happy for her and excited about what the Lord is doing,” Carter said via Whatsapp from the USA after receiving news that the donation has reached.

With the new wheelchair, Jane is now optimistic that she can now attend gatherings in her locality which she has missed over the years.

“I lack words to express my happiness, I am grateful to the Lord,” she said when she sat on the wheelchair at her home in Homa Bay County.

Jane says God has given her life for the last five years upon her paralysis and is hopeful for more life ahead.

Her first born son, Rodgers Otieno, aged 35 years, says the wheelchair will surely change the life of her mother and theirs too.

Otieno says it has been their prayer to acquire a wheelchair for her ailing mother but due to poverty, they couldn’t afford.

“We have seen what God has done to us, this has been our prayer and the Lord has answered it,” he equipped while speaking to the press.

Otieno, like their other siblings, says their mother will now be able to go outside basking in the sun. Before, she had to sit indoors all day. She couldn’t even go to the bathroom.

He says it has been a tedious work always carrying their mum but with the wheelchair, that burden has been removed from their shoulders.

Carter Foundation has been active in the village giving out food donations to widows to cushion them from hunger during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The Foundation Director plans to visit the widows in December this year God willing.

By LTN Reporter.