Widows get land ,hope to get help for their projects.

Wangaya widows hope to get help for their projects.

Widows in Wangaya 1, in Muhoroni Sub County have joined forces to pull together in finding economic ventures that can sustain them after burying their husbands.

Under the umbrella of Tintoler widows group, comprising 150 women, the widows have resolved to look for help from county, national and well wishers to see their dream come true.

Their chair lady, Jane Auma Ayoo, explains that they had acquired land, donated to them, to help them in coming up with an economic activity.
Ayoo says they have resolved to look for resources to set up a centre that will have a church, a school and a hall for the widows to come and learn art and craft lessons.

“This is an idea whose time has come, what we are hoping for is to get a sponsor to walk us through so that we can realize our dreams,” she said.
Ayoo believes that there are many widows who have different talents which they can nurture and bring economic gain in their lives.

She says that with a school, an academy, for that matter, widows will have easy time to send their children to school as the institution offers profit by admitting other children.

“Right now, many widows find it difficult to send their children to school, such a unit amidst us will give us hope that our children will go to school,” she said.

Ayoo is also of the opinion that young widows can be enrolled for saloon, weaving, knitting and other hand work which can help them make ends meet.

“There is potential among the widows and the talent among them is a gold mine which we must harness for our good. What we would be looking for is a market for our products,” she said.

Jane Adhiambo Abuto recounted the sufferings that befall widows immediately when they bury their husbands.
Abuto who lost her husband several years ago says they fend for themselves through being hired to weed in the sugarcane plantations.
“Majority of widows harvest sisal, which after thrashing is used to make ropes which we sell to buy food and not enough to send our children to hospital and school,” she said.

She noted that the idea to come up with a centre will help the widows a great deal since they will have a place to converge for an economic venture.
Her sentiments were echoed by Eunice Anyango, a 70 year old widow who is finding it hard to fend for her grandchildren who are orphans.

Anyango says the future remains bleak and with the idea of coming with a centre, her heart leaps that eventually her grandchildren will go to school.
“I am always in deep thoughts how my grandchildren will survive since I am running out of strength to take care of them,” she said.

An elder, Christopher Gaga, who donated a piece of land to the widows, says he is for development of the widows and orphans in the area.
“This is my contribution to see this vulnerable group get somewhere to start their journey to prosperity through coming up with economic activities,” he said.