Women leader cracks whip on corrupt groups leaders


Leaders of registered groups and associations who benefit from government affirmative action funds have been warned over alleged reports that they collude and withdraw group funds for their own use without the knowledge of other members. 

Migori County Women Representative Dr. Pamela Odhiambo while distributing cheques for the vulnerable groups in Ntimaru, Kuria East Constituency cautioned the group leaders not to orchestrate hidden agenda meant to siphon money meant to benefit the rest of the group members. 

Odhiambo regretted that in the past he had heard some dishonest group leaders, having their own selfish ambitions, had unfairly thrived in group funds. Women Rep said she will ensure the public knows which groups have benefited from government funding and the amount allocated to them.

This, she said will ensure transparency and accountability to the group members while spending the allocated money. She urged the group members to demonstrate a high level of integrity and ensure they stick to the rules that guide the use of government affirmative action funds. 

By Basil Okoth