World Bank agrees to extend construction period for various projects in Kisumu

Construction works ongoing in Kisumu county.
The World Bank has agreed to extend construction period for various projects in Kisumu under the Kenya Informal Settlements Improvements Project (KISIP).
KISIP, with financial support from World Bank had embarked on construction of Kisumu town informal settlements infrastructure improvement works in areas of Bandani, Nyalenda, Obunga and Manyatta. The projects include construction of roads, footpaths and drainage and high mast floodlights.
While on an inspection tour of the various projects in Kisumu, the KISIP Head of Infrastructure Development Rachel Wandia assured all the contractors that their contract periods will be extended as earlier requested but on an individual basis based on the analysis report.
Wandia who was chairing the meeting on behalf of the KISIP National Coordinator Mrs. Peris Mang’ira however cautioned contractors who have not complied with the required safety measures to do so warning them that they risk having their contracts terminated. The contractors have been urged to ensure that the lives of the citizens are protected at all times.
The KISIP County Coordinator Tom Ogolla also made a special plea to the contractors to step up and increase output urging them them to take advantage of the good weather to complete the works. He also assured the team that the County Government will offer all the necessary support to ensure that the works are completed and upto the required standards.
So far, work is ongoing on Pamba road where 1000m has been laid awaiting priming and AC, more than half of Kudho road in Obunga completed to subbase with 4 cross culverts completed , 520m of Kasagam road in nyalenda completed to AC and 80m to priming. Other roads include Nyaori, Kowino market road in nyalenda, Kawater, Ring road, Joel Omino to KWS and Tom Mboya road. In Bandani and Obunga, the roads have been excavated, laid and back filled.
A total of 37 high masts have also been completed and tested with 37 billboards installed. Several manholes have also been done with a few remaining to be installed with manhole covers.
The projects have also been faced with various challenges thus slowing progress such as heavy rains experienced in the recent past, relocation of power lines and delay in acquisition of way leave, issues that are currently being addressed with the relevant bodies. Grievances that arose from the construction such as interruption of water services have been solved amicably. Other issues relating to compensation of affected persons are being addressed by the KISIP national office to ensure that all the project affected persons are well taken care of.