Abel Mutua: I made Shitti and Njugush


Youthful production mogul and actor Abel Mutua has credited himself with the successful careers of two comedians, DJ Shitti and Njugush.

The content producer and script writer claimed he is the guy who discovered the two comedians and nurtured them to become who they are now.

Njugush and DJ Shitti over the years have grown to be darlings of corporates due to their creativity. Mutua believes his role in the rise of their careers was huge, having cast them in the shows he scripted.

“I got Njugush from nowhere when I cast him in the “The Real Househelps of Kawangware” (TRHHK). No one had ever heard of him. Same with DJ Shitti. But look at them now. I get satisfaction wherever I see them rise,” Mutua bragged.

Njugush also appeared on “Hapa Kule News”, another comical TV programme scripted by Mutua. Njugush then ditched TV to start his YouTube channel that has grown popular, and helped him attract dozens of endorsement deals.

He also turned himself into a corporate Mcee. DJ Shitti continues appearing on the TRHHK and does stand-up comedy.