Depths of Blade; Hands on knives

hands on knife

By; Alex Henry

Life becomes more complicated rapidly due to issues within marriages, family, clan and society at large. From land disasters, to simple ten shillings balance from kiosk bring more issues to the family.

Using knives for wrong purposes. From cutting mboga to shedding off blood in the wrong way.

God created mankind from his own image and made man to respect each other and take them as brothers and sisters. But mankind is more driven by the anger.

From marital affairs to fatal affairs. Men stubbing and chopping their loved ones due to some reasons that could be solved on peaceful talks.

Suspecting their loved ones of take shed on sheets with other men. Accelerating more anger and making unscrupulous decision leading to loose of life.

Teenagers too find their little fingers into this acts. From scaring off their teachers to killing their family such unfortunate and dumb world we live in.

The depth of blades on skin tears down families lets rather solve our issues peacefully and bring our agonies at halt.