Form Ni Gani Movement Exhibition Ongoing

A photo exhibition by the Form Ni Gani Movement, championed by Kenyan creatives. COURTESY.

A photo exhibition by the Form Ni Gani Movement, championed by Kenyan creatives is currently underway in Nairobi at the Kenya National Archives, starting Thursday 28th June 2019 and expected to close by Wednesday 3rd July 2019. The exhibition features 35 images of Kenyans from all walks of life, including creatives like Njugush, Mammito, Teardrops and Jaymo Ule, Msee, as they look in 2063 as well as their plans for the future.

The exhibition also features last year’s #FormNiGani’s highlight of more than 60 Kenyans sharing their personal stories on sex. Both exhibitions have been hosted by the award-winning Kenyan photojournalist Boniface Mwangi and are part of #FormNiGani creatives movement creating awareness on contraception and future planning.

The 2019 #FormNiGani movement officially launched (27th June 2019) with the arrival of Kenya’s first female president from 2063. President Imani Tumaini currently 6 months pregnant, arrived in Nairobi accompanied by her team of 100 female Time Warriors who distributed the FORM NI GANI newspaper from 2063 to city residents. Championed by a host of young creatives for change and progress, #FormNiGani movement will use art expression, local activations, a host of events, exhibitions and social media to share personal stories as they amplify their voices. The team is currently conducting Think Tanks with young progressive Kenyans to identify potential scenarios Kenya is facing. These will inform debates and creative activation later this year.