#Get to know your Artist: H3 the Rapper

The energetic H3 the rapper

Well in this week episode we introduce to you H3 the rapper who is  just an upcoming energetic talented  musician. He sat down with Joe the “chilled guy” as he explained his love for music . So let’s see what the young guys discussed:

  1. So who is H3 the rapper?
  • I’m H3 but people can also call me Mugambi or also Gambi. I was born in Embu and grew up in Santack Estate Ngong road. Life was easy, just the normal estate life, playing with friends and all.

2.What inspired you to do Music?

“I’ve always been a creative individual……..
  • I’ve always been a creative individual, always interested in arts and all. That’s how I landed in music. It’s something in me.

3. Who are your biggest influences in music?

  • I admire Kanye West, WillIam, Chris Brown, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Blinky Bill and MDQ. This is because they’re people who don’t follow the norm and end up being successful.

4. Explain your creative process

“My creative process starts from the heart”
  • My creative process starts from the heart. I try to think of something from my heart, pen it down then I try to sing it. For my Jewelry making, I try to come up with a piece or something different than what is in the market.

5. What inspires you to do music?

  • Life, art and always in search for something unique. That’s what inspires me.

6. Have you ever participated in any competition?

  • Yes. I did the insider talent search in 2015 and urban fest in 2015, British council writing essay competition 2016 and uongozi project 2019.

7. What do you have to say about the Kenyan Hip-Hop scene?

  • The Hip Hop scene is actually growing. More and more people are now appreciating the music and there is diversity not just the Uko flani style.

8.Is there any meaning behind your music?

  • Life, Politics and most important story telling. That’s the main thing behind my lyrics

9. Are you doing music just for the fame or money?

  • None. I’m doing it from the heart and not for the money. Music is something I do from the heart.

10. Who do you wish to do a collabo with?

  • I would like to collaborate with Karun or Beyt. They have some uniqueness and great vocals that I love

11. How do you balance music with your day to day activities?

  • I try to come up with a timetable and give each thing in my life balance.

12. Which places would you like to perform one day?

  • The Coachella show, summer fest in Jamaica and tomorrow land.

13.  Do you feel that your style of music has changed?

  • Yes. I’ve grown and learnt a lot over the years.

14.  Can anyone relate to your music?

  • My music is quite relatable to everyone.

15. Any last words for your fans?

  • Thank you for the support and I hope to grow with you as the years come.