#Get to know your Artist: X-Ray King


Well in this week episode we introduce to you X-Ray King who is  just an upcoming energetic talented  musician. He sat down with Joe the “chilled guy” as he explained his love for music . So let’s see what the young guys discussed:

Tell us who is X-Ray king?

“I consider myself more of an entertainer than just a rapper”
X-Ray King AKA The Ndizi Flow CEO ,is a Kenyan Rapper hailing from 125 rongai,I consider myself more of an entertainer than just a rapper because as an entertainer am not limited to just rapping and hence I can expand my creativity without limits

2. What inspired you to do music?

I don’t really have a specific factor that inspired me, But from back when I was a kid, I used to dream of becoming an artist,I admired the freedom and lifestyle mostly though

3. Growing up was your role model in the music showbiz?

As a kid I looked up to different people at different stages. At one point, it was E-Sir, then Juacali, 50 cent, but Lil Wayne’s Music influenced me most.

4. Briefly explain your creative process

I’d say I’m super spontaneous and flexible. Normally I start off bumping to an instrumental, gauge the kind of vibe it flows with and if it’s dope enough, I automatically get inspiration write on it. Most of the times I just freestyle melodies with possible lines which I later arrange proper when the idea fits the instrumental.
Other times I just write down my thoughts with an imaginary instrumental in my head,
Then explain it to the producer so he can make it.

5. Which artists are you dream collabo both Locally and International

That’s a tough one considering I have various favorites,But Internationally my dream collaboration would be Lil Wayne,
Locally I admire Nyashinskis’ Music plus his pen game is waaay mature, so definitely him!

6. Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

“I use my Music as a platform to express myself”
Partly, since I haven’t released most of them yet.
But yeah! Sometimes I use my Music as a platform to express myself, my fears,release anger, etc. So for the people who know me personally, you’d catch a line or two

7. How old were you when you wrote your fist song and what was is about?

Probably class 3 or 2, It wasn’t a song really, but I bet that was my first  musical writing.I don’t remember much but it was party based, inspired from Mustafa xx Vinnie Banton hit back then

8. Do you mainly write your songs

Yes, I write my own songs. Never considered letting anybody write for me,

9. Are you into football? If so, who do you support

Naah, ever since I was small, my interests have been channeled to music, and hip hip related sports like basketball.
But I support Manchester United, mainly because of Cr7 from back then

10. What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

The best song I’ve written  is not yet released, but it will be out on my EP set to drop later this month.
It’s my favourite mainly because it’s so honest, pure and talks about somebody I really admire in life.,But I love Gusii Gang, for so many reasons!
It helped me learn and embrace my culture,. Something which I was not up for initially


11. What is your favorite song that isn’t your own?

Another tough question.
I don’t have a specific all time favorite, I could have a different favorite each day .
But for today,
Colorado by KOTA The Friend, internationally,
Locally I vibe heavy with Dark Days by High Renaissance

12. How would you describe your perfect day?

“Perfect day for me is any day That I do
Perfect day for me is any day That I do something in line with my musical purpose and things turn out good.
Creating content, recording, shooting, doing shows and repeat

13. Are signed to any music label? Tell us more about it.

I’m not signed, mainly because I have plans for starting up my own label soon.
In the meantime I work closely with Philosophy Records as my main Team

14. Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues?

I’ve performed on various platforms i.e Churchill Show Rongai Edition, Unkut Africa, Gathirimu Girls High School,Colour Festival Kenya, The Turn Up Show etc
My favourite was The Turn Up Show because the crowd was amped equally

15. Tell us about Gusii Gang? What inspired you to write that song?

“I’m so glad I released that”
Gusii Gang Was initially a freestyle i dropped to prepare my fans for the main project I’d been working on.
Well, Gusii Gang ended up blowing up instead.
First of all, I was just flexing on the beat, but the song ended up being a tune that the Kisii guys identify with a lot, and I’m so glad I released that

16. Which songs do you perform most frequently?

I like starting off with freestyles, then The latest track I have out, then I close with Gusii Gang,

17. Do have any album or E.P out there?

Not yet, but KisiiRunIt The EP On The Way!!!
This will definitely be a game changer, I have super awesome features,  plus pushing that Ndizi flow to higher standards

18. Has your music evolved since you started playing music?

” I was mainly a punchline rapper, now I tell stories”
Definitely yeah.
Earlier, I was mainly a punchline rapper, now I tell stories,sing a little bit and touch on social issues a bit,id say my penmanship  is now more mature

19. What has been your biggest challenge as a musician?

Definitely Return over investment, not as many paying shows out here so most of the time I’m working on a fixed or tight budget,
Also, convincing the public who’ve been brainwashed long enough to believe that our kenyan Music is trash and foreign music is better than ours

20. What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

Astronaut!I was almost sure I’ll be an astronaut or a rapper/entertainer

21. What’s your ultimate direction as a musician? Are you seeking fame and Fortune?

“Wealth is secondary”
The ultimate goal is to be remembered as someone who helped change the music industry in a positive way, And empower more artists. Wealth is secondary

22. If you blink your eyes and be in favorite place right now, where would that place be?

Out shooting videos on all those dope locations across the world

23. If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I would definitely root for a 90% Kenyan content on all media platforms, things will fall into place after that

24. One word for your fans

Let’s make it two words,