““I’m not a champion for big weddings” says Popular Comedian


Popular Comedian Obinna Ike Igwe recently stated that he would be among the big celebrities walking down in colorful church weddings.

Obinna plans to get married but wants to spend the least possible amount on his wedding. The comedian opened up about his plan for a wedding during an interview.


He stated that he would rather buy another car

Obinna explains that he prefers civil wedding at Attorney General’s chambers instead of expensive church wedding which sometimes end up with a bitter breakup, despite the millions spent on the wedding ceremony.

“I’m not a champion for big weddings although I’m an emcee. People put millions into such events, then you find them a month or two later not together. I would prefer paying the bride price then we go to the Attorney General (for a civil wedding). It would save us the cost. I would rather use that money to do other things like buying another car,” said Obinna.