Life seems quite harsh for Mrs. Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzania's Video Vixen Hamisa Mobetto

In the recent weeks Life has seemed to be harsh to Hamisa Mobetto who has been going through a long rough patch in her life.

For a moment, the outspoken vixen was certain that she and one of her baby daddy, Diamond, would settle down after a night of romance in Tandale.

Unfortunately, all of that came to an end.

From being kicked out like a stray dog, to be ruthlessly given a serious beating by the artist’s mother who chased her out of her house. Diamond’s mother, has never minced her words and dislike when it comes to Hamisa whom she claimed is not wife material preferring Zari over her.

Just when she thought her troubles were over, she became the Laughing stalk of town after Diamond featured his ex Zari in his latest music video as a bride sparking some rumors that the two could be rekindling their love.

She seems to be in pain, it is obvious the model is not at a happy place. So she took to her snap chat sharing a prayer asking God for guidance.

‘’Bado sijafika Mw/Mungu aliponipangia na kama mnavyoona barabara yangu ni mbovu, ina mashimo, mabonde na pia matope mengi kwa hiyo safari yangu inakuwa ngumu kidogo.

Lakini naimani sana na M/Mungu alonileta kwenye dunia hii, naimani ipo siku nitafika na Naimani barabara yangu hii nii mbovu ipo siku ataisawazisha na kuiweka rasmi.

Nina kushukuru sana Mungu, naimani kuna vibaya vingi umeniepusha navyo na pia naimani kuna vikubwa vizuri vyaja. Na naimani hivi vyote visingenipata mimi kama ningekuwa sina u-special wowote ndani yangu,’’ she posted.