“The only person that can judge me is God” Says former Machachari Actor to people who judge him fast

Almasi (pictured) has been judged so much for his sudden Transformation

Former Machachari actor Ian Nene alias Almasi has been called a lot of names ever since he made his unexpected transformation.

People Judged him when Almasi (pictured) was captured smoking weed

Ian, who is currently abroad studying, made a huge shift from the kid he was during his acting days to a hippie that totally disconnected with his fans. Many were quick to brand him gay, Illuminati and all other kinds of names after that.

Stop judging

Almasi was recently on social media to share that he doesn’t really care what people say about him since he’s having fan in his own way.

“The only person that can judge me is God, So i’mma do my thing because I know God is the only person who can judge me. Other people who will look at what I’m doing probably how I’m dressing on my social media and how i’m acting and decide to draw their own conclusion, pshhh, that is all for them, have your fun. But don’t bring your fun to me because I’m having my own fun and if your fun is being derived from you saying bad things about me well fam, you are wasting your time,” he said. 

The former actor added that the only thing that has kept him going is because he doesn’t listen or mind what people are saying. He requested people to stop judging others when they realize they are different.

“Is it for other people to tell you how you are supposed to look so that you can change yourself? or is it for you to recognize, ‘I need to work on something, let me fix it myself?’ Other people’s opinions should not matter. I don’t have time for your opinions. Don’t judge people. Just love.” he said.