Popular rapper makes fun of Maina Kageni’s love for WCB music

The two joked around with each other

Diamond Platnumz was recently in Kenyan to scout for talent for his thriving record label Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB).

Though his efforts bore no fruits and rapper King Kaka has an idea who he should have picked.

“The latest signee of Wasafi Records should be called Maina Kageni,” the rapper joked in a video being recorded by Maina himself.

The rapper trolled the popular radio presenter for his preference for Bongo music, especially, WCB guys. In the short clip, Maina is heard asking King Kaka to share how his show starts.

“Eti show yangu huanza aje?” Maina asks.

“Show yako huanza hivi, ‘ayo lizer’,” he says as several guys in background burst into laughter.

“Ayo Lizer” is roughly the Tanzanian version of “na imetoka Grandpa” or “na Imetoka Pacho kwani boss iko nini” that most Kenyans are very familiar with.

Lizer Classic is WCB’s main producer, so all the songs start with artists paying homage to him.

King Kaka didn’t stop there.

He went on to suggest a few names that the Classic 105 radio presenter should use once he inks the deal with Diamond.

“Na stage name ni? Kagens or Kagengs boy?” joked King Kaka.

The joke may have resonated with many artists but some might not have enjoyed it.

In the past, several Kenyan artists have taken to social media to air their grievances saying Maina is giving Bongo music too much airtime on his show.

Still, Maina’s love for Diamond and his team, Uganda’s Jose Chameleone and Nyashinski are undeniable.

The trio has always enjoyed airplay on the show every single day provided Maina is in the studio.