Power of Ladies and money

Power of ladies and money

The most powerful things ruling man on earth is money and ladies. Men become powerless in presence of ladies.

Unlike the stories of the bible, Samson who had strength through his hair was challenged by his enemies and only shaved by a lady.

The things you do for ladies you cant do for anyone else. Men will go deep to their roots or rather engage in hard, tusk job.

Wake up earlier to construction sites to get their cash and spend to the ladies who later on dump them. They get depressed cursing their life.

On the other hand men travel long distance to check on their chicks, they even move to an extent of booking expensive lodges. Spend one or two days and later on walk home bankrupt.

Money is another factor that leads mankind rogue. Men camouflage, become more wild in.

Judas Iscariot betrayed son of God, Jesus Christ for only 30 pieces of silver. Men have killed fellas for cash. They go extra miles to get money for their end life needs.

Some become more depressed when they luck money as some engage on dirty money seeking. Money has the power to control men all in all God help us to figure out ways to use money carefully.