Kenyan Lady jailed for 10 years in the UK

A lady sleeping on her bed

It is reported that a Kenyan lady has been jailed for 10 years in the UK for operating two brothels and enslaving a Romanian woman.

Ann O’Brien was named Hannah Wambui Muya when she was born around Mt Kenya’s Kahurura forest where her parents were squatters. As time passed she later changed her name to Ann Wambui Muya.


She attended Kahurura Primary School up to Standard Six when she was transferred to Nakuru after her parents separated, prompting her mother to move to Nakuru.


She opened her first three-girl escort agency in UK in 1997 in which she later expanded to manage around 40 prostitutes and paying thousands of pounds into 27 bank accounts.

Apart from her “main” job, she was also running two websites dubbed ‘Brothels on Wheels’ which sent girls to homes and hotel rooms.

According to sources, her sex menu offered services for between Ksh5,000 to Ksh20,000 depending on the degree of sexual contact with girls from as far as Thailand, Brazil and Sweden.

In 2005 she was convicted of three counts of controlling prostitution, but was let off with a 180-community punishment order and ordered to pay back Sh80 million.

But soon after she started her business again with her husband, Martin Carroll and sister, Elizabeth Muya running a 24-hour service with three shifts of prostitutes for her many clients.

And to ensure potential customers knew how to find her girls, the brothel keeper – known in Kenya variously as Wangeci, Wangui or Cherono – placed thousands of pictures of the girls, naked and with their telephone numbers, on cards she left in phone booths throughout the city.



Ann O’Brien’s life of selling illicit love was first revealed when she appeared at a UK court and was found guilty of three counts of controlling prostitutes between October 10, 2003, and April 15 2004.

On Tuesday she was convicted of charges including conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, facilitating travel of another person with a view to exploitation.

O’Brien’s sister, Elizabeth Muya and her husband Martin Carroll assisted the madam in running her prostitution network.

Muya was jailed for 21 months while Carroll, received a suspended sentence.

The police began investigating her on March 22, 2017 at Stansted Airport when a Romanian man and woman made UK Border Force officers suspicious.

Her escort service was known as Dream Girl and with the proceeds she bought her mother two matatus christened Dream Girl that used to ply in Nakuru and also built her a one-storey mansion