Cytonn Launches Digital Wallet with 11% Annual Earning

Cytonn CEO Edwin Dande {image COURTESY}

Cytonn has launched a one stop digital wallet that will enable customers to transact seamlessly on digital platforms. This is the first of its kind digital wallet that has an 11% annual earning. Dubbed ‘Cytonn Wallet’, it is a digital wallet supported by the Cytonn Money Market Fund.

According to the Chief Executive Officer Cytonn Investments Edwin Dande, the digital wallet targets to replace the ordinary physical wallet. “We are in the business of identifying client needs and offering effective and efficient solutions. Cytonn wallet is our solution to an existing need and what makes it unique are features such as Instant2Send, Instant2Transfer, Instant2PayBills, Instant2Mpesa, Instant2Bank and Instant2Invest”

Buoyed by the evolving ways of doing business due to the corona virus pandemic, bushinesses and people are seeking profound ways of doing business. This has resulted into an even greater need for digital platforms to carry out transactions.

“We have seen an increased demand for solutions that can help individuals and small businesses weather the crisis. People want fast, easy-to-use, safe, and seamless payment experiences. This is where the Cytonn wallet comes in.” Adds Dande.

Digital wallets allow users to safely pay for purchases in advance, worry-free, and with no hassle. The Cytonn Wallet will allow access Instant liquidity when needed to M-pesa or to their bank account via PesaLink, pay bills directly from Cytonn Money Market Fund Account by redeeming units, and transfer units between unit holders in the Cytonn Money Market Fund