Dictator Museveni’s Soldiers Arrest Bobi Wine after Being Cleared to Run for Presidency


Uganda’s opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi has been arrested a few minutes after the country’s electoral agency cleared him to run for Presidency.

Reports in Ugandan media claim that the vocal lawmaker was dragged from his vehicle by police a few minutes after he left Kyambogo University.

Wine was put in a police van in the midst of a scuffle between his supporters and police.

Several reports on social media indicated that Bobi was to launch his manifesto at a venue in Kampala immediately after nomination. Police could have been privy to these plans and therefore intercepted.

Kampala has been in tension as the government deployed hundreds of police officers to ensure non of Bobi Wine’s supporters accompanied him to Kyambogo.

Three roadblocks had been erected from his home in Magere to Gayaza main road, aimed at blocking supporters.

Police had also directed him to use designated roads from his home to Kyambogo.

Interestingly, President Yoweri Museveni was not accorded the same treatment when he presented himself for nomination on Monday.

Thousands of the President’s supporters were allowed to line up along the road and wave at the President as he got out of Kyambogo.

Museveni, a dictator who has ruled Uganda for more than 34 years, has been accused of heavily relying on the military to suppress dissidents.

Ugandans will vote in February next year to decide on whether to extend Museveni’s tenure at the helm of one of East Africa’s poorest countries.