FENA GITU Release New Song ‘SIRI’


Fena Gitu in “Siri” narrates of a steamy clandestine love affair between friends, begging the question, “Would you rather be honest with your partner and risk losing it all, or keep it a secret and hope to never get caught?”

This is telling of the urban Nairobi dating scene, notorious for entanglements of all kinds. In a sensual and soothing tone, “Siri” brings forth the uncomfortable conversation of infidelity in relationships, while giving the twisted point of view of the one cheating.

Written in beautiful English and Swahili prose by Fena Gitu and produced by Kanyeria, this Afro-Fusion masterpiece is the third last release off Fena’s sophomore album “Unleashed”, ahead of the upcoming third album “LOVE IS…” set for 2021.

In a short film directed by CJ Pixels and KG Brian, starring a superstar line-up cast; Dr. Reign, Dela, Wanjira Longauer and Skinny Filmmaker; Fena takes on the position of the narrator, observing a scandalous girl-on-girl affair between Dela (married to Dr. Reign in real life) and Wanjira.

Never one to shy away from pushing the barriers, Fena Gitu brings to our screens a timely and unusual portrayal of a same-sex relationship dynamic, telling a version of a story that often goes untold while exploring the dynamics of women’s sexuality in the African context.