Flamengo coach tests positive for coronavirus

Flamengo manager tests positive for coronavirus and put under quarantine in Rio de Janeiro [AFP]

Flamengo coach Jorge Jesus has tested positive for coronavirus and is under quarantine in Rio de Janeiro while doctors perform a second confirmatory test, he and his club said on Monday.

“It’s true that my test came up positive and it’s also true that I feel normal,” the Portuguese coach said on Instagram. “I feel exactly the same today as I felt a month, a year, two, three years ago. I have no symptoms but the test was positive.”

“I am going to stay under quarantine. I think that in a week or two, God willing, I’ll be back to normal.”

Jesus, who last year led Flamengo to the Serie A league title and Copa Libertadores trophy, said he was under the care of the club’s medical team.

In a statement, Flamengo termed the test result “weak positive or inconclusive” and said it was performing a second test.

It suspended all training for the first team and youth team squads for a week.

The announcement came on the day the Rio de Janeiro state championship was suspended for 15 days.

Jesus had criticised the Rio state football federation for allowing games to go on last weekend, saying footballers and backroom staff were “not superhuman” and deserved more care.