Sad as a Sumatran tiger is killed by a hunter’s trap in Indonesia


Through an official, there have been reports in the Indonesian Island of Sumatra about a Sumatran tiger died after it was caught in a hunter’s trap.

The Local residents told the conservation agency that there was a Sumatran tiger which is believed to be female on the previous Tuesday that it was count by a pig trap set by a hunter in Muara Lembu Village of Riau province.

As the resident’s officers went to check on the tiger they found it had gone.

The following day the officers scouted the area gain they found the tiger near a ravine tied with a rope from the trap. They however believed that the rope caused the tiger to die.

The local conservation agency head Suharyono stated that the death was sad because the tiger since it was a female and it was expected to give birth to cubs.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature they say that the Sumatran Tigers are considered to be critically endangered.

Environmental activists say that there are only few 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild as they are increasingly coming to conflict with people as their natural habitat is deforested.