Both U.S and Somalia renew a permanent diplomatic ties between each other

Both Countries want to strengthen their ties again.

Just after 27 years, the United States is renewing it’s diplomatic ties with Somalia.

The U.S State Department confirmed the move during the previous Tuesday indicating it had been informed by strengthening ties with the horn of Africa nation.

“This historic event reflects Somalia’s progress in recent years and is another step forward in formalizing U.S. diplomatic engagement in Mogadishu,” the State Department said.

The permanent diplomatic presence comes five years after the U.S formally recognized Somalia’s new federal government.

The U.S government had previously based its diplomatic mission in the capital of neighboring Kenya.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry during a surprise 2015 visit to Somalia said the U.S. would begin the process of re-establishing a diplomatic presence.

New Ambassador Donald Yamamoto arrived at the U.S. mission last month.