Victoria Kimani finally admits she is dating Michael Blackson

Victoria Kimani and Micheal Black.

Michael Blackson meeting up with Victoria Kimani for the first time openly sniffed Victoria’s armpits, revealing that he had Armpit fetish. He said that the Kenyan hit-maker smelled nice than anything he’s ever smelled before, now that’s a compliment right there.

Celebrated musician and multi-talented business woman, Victoria Kimani, has taken to social media to open up on her new hot flame, internationally acclaimed, sought-after comedian, Michael Blackson.

Victoria Kimani shared a picture of herself in bed with the gifted comedian Michael who traces his roots to Ghana, with a rather interesting caption.

Kimani who is set to release a collaborative album later this week has stirred up the internet with her well elaborate news of dating the comedian, yet Michael Blackson has not shared Vitoria Kimani’s photo on his Instagram page the way Kimani did.

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Victorian Kimani.

It wasn’t taken as the gospel truth then, with people split if Victoria was contemplating on dating Michael or if she was in jest altogether.

A few months later, Victoria Kimani shared a picture of herself lying in bed laced with everything Versace lying on Michael Blackson’s chest counting dollar bills, with a tiara on her head. They look cute together I agree.

Blackson responded to the photo by sending four emoji hearts to Victoria, to which she responded saying, “Forever Yours. My rich neega finally, I’ve fallen for you…Michael blackson.”

Netizens are split whether Victoria Kimani is telling the truth of dating Michael Blackson or if she featured the Ghanaian comedian in one of her music videos that is yet to be released, maybe the same time her album drops.

If indeed Victoria Kimani is dating Michael who is currently hosting twerk shows on his Instagram live with over hundreds of thousands of netizens in attendance, then this will be the second time an East African girl gets to date an already established musician and actor from Hollywood, after Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi of course.

This come months after Victoria opened up on a past relationship that saw her hate Valentine’s day since it became a reminder of what transpired.  Ms. Kimani shared the encounter stating that she was fully invested in a relationship that never was.

The beauty went on to add that the guy she was dating had a girlfriend whom he kept a secret. She finally found out about the affair through social media.

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