Woman, 23, has a live six-inch worm removed from her brain as doctor links the parasite to the eating of raw wild animal meat

The food enthusiast confessed that she enjoyed a dish of frogs on a trip two years ago. The picture shows frogs being displayed for sale at a wet market in Shanghai on April 29.

A live six-inch worm has been taken out from the brain of a 23-year-old Chinese woman after she suffered from severe headaches.

Revolting footage shows the white parasite wiggling in a bowl after it was removed from the patient.

Doctors suggested that such brain infection was a result of the consumption of unhygienic food, such as raw or half-cooked wild animal meat. 

A live six-inch worm has been taken out from the brain of a 23-year-old Chinese woman who had suffered severe headaches.

The Chinese patient, known by her alias Xiao Yi, went to a local clinic in Jiangsu province of eastern China in January after having continuous headaches.

Xiao Yi was then transferred to a provincial hospital in Nanjing after she suffered an epilepsy attack.

The doctors performed brain surgery on the woman after she tested positive for being infected with parasites.

‘During the operation, we found a creeping, long bug that was over 10 centimetres. It was white and live, like a noodle,’ said Dr Dai Wei, a chief medic from the Gulou Hospital of Nanjing University.

‘It was still moving around when we took it out completely,’ the medic added.

The parasitic worm was measured to be 15 centimetres (six inches) long, according to the press.

Dr Dai asserted that such infections are mostly caused by eating wild animal meat that is raw or not cooked properly.

Revolting footage captures the white, slender parasite wiggling and moving around inside a container after it has been removed from the patient.

‘[The worms] normally come from raw meat, mostly seafood, which contains a lot of parasites,’ the medic told Pear Video. ‘Sometimes the worms get into a person’s brain through the blood and develop there.’

The 23-year-old food lover admitted to the doctors that she once devoured a dish of frogs on a trip two years ago.

‘Maybe because she was travelling, the restaurant [she visited] might be unhygienic or they might cook the food with unsanitary standards,’ Dr Dai explained. 

The woman is currently receiving treatment at the hospital and gradually recovering following the operation.

The news comes as another exotic food lover from China who once devoured a snake gallbladder has found his lungs infested with worms.

The Chinese resident, known by his surname Wang, recently went to a hospital in Suqian, Jiangsu province of eastern China after suffering difficulty in breathing for several months.

When the doctors asked about his dietary habits, Mr Wang said that he enjoyed having seafood, such as crayfish and river snails.

The food lover also confessed that he even gobbled down a raw snake gallbladder once before.

The patient was later diagnosed with paragonimiasis, a food-borne parasitic infection caused by lung fluke.

The file photo taken on September 17, 2019, shows customers walk past pork stalls at the Dancun Market in Nanning, Guangxi province in southern China.

It comes as the coronavirus pandemic that has infected over three million people around the world has shed a light on the exotic food industry in China.

Although scientists are still trying to unravel several aspects of the killer bug, it is widely believed that the virus came from a Wuhan seafood market where wild animals were sold as food.  

Worldwide, the disease has claimed more than 228,000 lives and nearly 3.2 million people have contracted the pathogen. 

The food lover also confessed that he even gobbled down a raw snake gallblader once before. The photo taken on February 8 shows a vendor slicing up a large snake at the Tomohon Extreme Meat market on Sulawesi island.