Azimio La Umoja Manifesto Launch
  1. Azimio la Ugatuzi – this includes increasing devolved resources and advancing the “One County, One Product” program.
  2. Azimio la Jitihada – under this agenda, he hopes to use the manufacturing sector as the driver of economic revolution to spur the growth of all sectors of the economy to create employment and wealth.
  3. Azimio la kina mama – this program will unlock access to financing for women-led businesses and provide support for women on other enabling factors such as access to assets for production, land tenure, and proportional representation at all levels of government.
  4. Ukulima – to create enabling environment for climate-smart agriculture, agro-processing, improved livestock farming, and growth of the blue economy
  5. Viwanda – The manufacturing sector shall produce input materials like steel, copper, and glass for further processing into finished products, and secondary production of goods like engineering manufacturing machinery, transport and agricultural machinery, tools, and implements to be applied in the mechanization and automation of agriculture, livestock, blue economy, mining, and processing.
  6. Wananchi/Inawezekana – recognizes that whichever administration comes into power, the people remain sovereign and the government is theirs, and there should therefore be continuity and minimal disruption even as priorities are reviewed.
  7. BabaCare – Baba Care primarily focuses on social protection and transformation, and secondly upscaling Universal Health Coverage to Universal healthcare. All citizens should enjoy the right to accessible, quality, and affordable healthcare.
  8. Education – The program will be an aggressive scheme to ensure that all, not some children, get rightful access to quality education.
  9. Maji kwa Kila Boma – The commitment is to make clean and safe water available to all Kenyans.
  10. Administrative continuity – Custodians of power must be accountable for the mandate bestowed upon them by the electorate. The cornerstones of this agenda encompass battling corruption, and ensuring efficiency and optimality in Public Service Delivery.

Raila put emphasies on education as he says he will make education education accessible to all and free from primary to university.