120,000 Indigence From Migori Set To Benefit From Universal Health Care Services


Migori County has launched Universal Health Care that is set to benefit 120,000 indigents.

During the launch, Migori County Commissioner, Mr. Meru Mwangi, stated that the scheme will benefit all Migori Sub-Counties.

He noted that health care was one of the big four agendas of the Kenyan government.

He said that universal health care programmes have been rolled out across the country to benefit the less privileged and most vulnerable individuals in our society.

The administrator said health was an important aspect of the positive productivity of a country.

Mr. Meru said that he will work very closely with the county government to ensure that universal health care is accessed by the less privileged and most needy individuals.

He noted that the health of people is the wealth of a nation.

Migori County Secretary for Health, Col (Rt) Kepha Nyamita, said that they had identified and registered 120,000 indigents from a population of 1.6 million.

He, however, noted that 20,000 individuals will benefit from the scheme this year while the rest will be incorporated with time.

He noted that this registered indigence will be able to access health care services in Migori hospitals.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) said that 90 percent of Migori hospitals are registered by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and the indigent will benefit from services both at private and public hospitals.

The official also added that the indigent will be able to access both inpatient and outpatient services across the Migori County Hospitals.

Nyamita said that every ward had been allocated the beneficiaries that deserved service.

Mr. Mark Chepchieng, Migori NHIF branch Manager, stated that only 20% of the 120,000 indigent will be covered in phrase one.

He noted that the 24,000 people living indigently will be covered by the universal health care that will be paid for by the national government. He added that their premiers will also cover the government’s expenses.

Mr. Chepchieng noted that they have bio-metrically registered the 24,000 indigent to allow them access to both inpatient and outpatient services in all the county facilities.