16-year-old girl kills 80-year-old granny with a stone in Kisumu


Police in Seme, Kisumu County  are hunting for a 16-year-old girl who reportedly killed her 80-year-old grandmother with a rock.

The incident which occurred in Kadweru village sparked  outrage with angry villagers baying for the blood of the suspect.

According to witnesses, suspect who is a class 8 pupil had tethered cows at the deceased’s compound, orchestrating a heated argument.

West Seme Chief Nicholas Oguma said the woman then asked the teenager move the cows from the compound since they would destroy the maize she was drying in the sun.

It is then that the girl is said to have picked a huge rock and hit her grandmother on the belly, leaving her unconscious.

Neighbors alerted to the commotion took the old woman to the Reru dispensary where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The teenager and her mother escaped soon after, fearing a retaliation from the angry villagers.