21 people arrested during photo session in Nakuru, quarantined

Some of the 21 youth arrested near Nakuru Golf Club for allegedly engaging in indecent act and not adhering to public health guidelines on preventing the spread of Covid 19. They were taken for a 14-day forced quarantine at Kenya Medical Training college Nakuru. PHOTO/COURTESY

Police in Nakuru have rounded up and arrested twenty-one people who were found to have defied health safety rules in a photo session.

The youth aged between eighteen and 25 years were taking pictures along Golf Road on Wednesday evening before they were nabbed and taken to forced quarantine.

Nakuru Town West Deputy County Commissioner Elmi Shaffi said the administration received information from the management of Nakuru Golf Club that the youth were taking pictures without observing public health guidelines on preventing Covid-19.

Mr. Shaffi said the youth, among them 13 women and 8 men were also not keeping social distancing and did not have face masks during the arrest.

They were taken to Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), Nakuru branch, where they are expected to meet all cost of quarantine.

“The youth were depicting nakedness, indecency and immoral behaviour that are against culture of Kenyans. They will be held at the quarantine for 14 days,” said Shaffi.

According to preliminary investigations, they have been taking pictures and video shooting along the area for the past two weeks without adhering to covid-19 set measures.

During the arrest, they were found with cameras and in modeling attires. Some of them took pictures while half naked and kissing each other, behaviours that the local administrator took an issue with, saying they were ignorant on spread of the disease that has killed at least 14 Kenyans.

The administrator added that during the 14 days’ quarantine period, they are expected to observe social distancing as stipulated by public health.

“Officers from public health will monitor Covid-19 symptoms during quarantine period and anyone found defying regulation will be charged,” he said. He said one of the teenagers jetted to the county a month ago from Germany and has been residing in a hotel within Nakuru town.

The said woman allegedly visited her relatives in Nakuru, but did not disclose where her parents do live. The group he said has been mobilising themselves through a WhatsApp group with intention of taking pornographic pictures and videos with intention of selling them to foreigners.

He said the group has also been moving to different estates to acquire more members mostly who are secondary school and college students and school leavers.

“Investigations has been launched to know intention of the youth group, especially the female who jetted from Germany, if found guilty, she will be charged with taking pornography,” said the Deputy County Commissioner.

One of the WhatsApp administrators, Brian Kamau, said the group formed last month consists of 79 members, who came together to support talent growth.

“The group has three administrators that send links to various social media platforms to recruit youth who have talents,” said Kamau.

Kamau who is from Section 58, within Nakuru town, claimed one of the group members had bought a new camera and they decided to come together to boost his photography.

Asked about if he understood Covid-19 and its spread, Kamau said he did, and that prior to meeting, he asked all members to come together with face masks, but they defied.

However, he maintained that he did not have money to afford quarantine. “I would ask for leniency, because I do not have money, neither are my parents aware that I have to be placed in quarantine,” he said.