48 hours Later Missing Baby Found Healthy


How he survived hunger for 48 hours is still a mystery to doctors and his parents, with many terming it a miracle.

Baby Brown Njuguna, who was stolen from his mother, Ms Victoria Zubeida two days after he was born at Mikindani Medical Centre in Jomvu sub-county, is now undergoing treatment.

“I am grateful to God, that is all I can say. This is indeed a miracle. I am very emotional, please allow me time to let in sink in and thank God. I was not sleeping thinking harm might have befallen my son,” said the father, Mr David Muya, at Jomvu sub-county police station.

A medical examination at Mikindani Medical Centre showed the baby was unstable, unkempt, had a fever of more than 40 degrees and was severely dehydrated.

Medics said the baby had not fed since he was discharged from the facility on Tuesday around 5pm.

“We have managed to resuscitate the baby and taken care of the initial dehydrated status. We have stabilised the vitals. At birth, he weighed 2.9 kilogrammes but he is now 2.3 kilogrammes. He has lost a lot of weight,” said Dr Benjamin Kabara.

He said the baby will be moved to Coast Provincial General Hospital where he will receive specialised neonatal care.

“It is a miracle that the baby has stayed for 48 hours without feeding and he is alive. A specialist will examine him to see if he has any another condition,” said Dr Kabara.​