72 medics have contracted coronavirus in line of duty – MoH


Health CAS Rashid Aman on Tuesday confirmed that 72 health workers had contracted Covid-19 in the line of duty.

Dr Aman praised the commitment of health workers in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Nineteen of them are receiving treatment in different facilities, together we shall overcome,” he said.

This development comes a day after Aman outlined measures put in place to enable Covid-19 patients to be released from hospitals so as to receive home care.

President Uhuru Kenyatta explained at the weekend that most health institutions are overwhelmed by the surging number of patients.

“Covid-19 is not a death sentence,” said Aman.

“And so not everyone who has been tested positive requires clinical management. But the government has to be convinced that the person will be contained at home in a manner that ensures he does not infect family members. Health workers will be sent to an individual (patient) homes so as to evaluate the situation.”

“Ideally the patient should have his or her own toilet and bathroom. His utensils should also be disinfected.”