A Man has Been Sentenced to 45 Years In Prison After Defiling a 2 Year Old In Church.


A 39 year old man has been sentenced to 45 years imprisonment for defiling a 2 year old child in Church during a service in Zimmerman grounds Kasarani.

Erastus Kariuki was arraigned in court on Tuesday, 5th July 2022 before a Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Wandia Nyamu. He pleaded Guilty to one count of assaulting a child against the law.

He even blamed witchcrafts for his horrific act. The man confessed that he indeed defiled the child claiming it was an evil spirit that entered his body which made him commit the crime.

The court heard that Erastus had entered the Church compound and even went further to contribute Ksh 100 at the church before grabbing the young child aged 2 Years and 11 Months and defiled her.

“‘In some few minutes, the mother of the child heard her daughters crying only to be directed by her cry. She found the suspect who is unknown to them raping her child. She quickly grabbed her away from him and ran towards the church to alert members who had already ran out to check.”

The members were able to apprehend him and he was beaten up by the public who were angered by his actions but he got lucky after some members of the church rescued him and took him to Kasarani Police station.

He got lucky from being lunched after some members of the church rescued him from the mob and took him to Kasarani police station.

By Beryl Atieno.