Agano Party and Other Political Parties Endorse Mwaure Waihiga For Presidency During Its NDC


Waihiga’s Speech’ – The endorsement and approval given to me today. We in Agano party are saying IT IS TIME FOR:

  1. Change
  2. That we need New Leadership
  3. Kenya will not go anywhere or any far, if we elect the same leaders who have been there “miaka nenda, miaka rudi”.
  4. It is time to bring to the end the curses and practice of corruption and scandal.
  5. If Kenyans elect me, there will be no more NYS, KEMSA, Kimwarer Dam Scandals, Anglo Leasing, NO! NO! NO!
  6. We want to bring USAWA, UPYA, UWAZI,LIAMINIFU na UHAKI to our Nation as per my Manifesto.
  7. We want to bring the independence Dream as in our National Anthem of:
    1. Justice – Haki- iwe ngao na mlizi

Unity- Undugu-unity — na tukae na undugu Peace — Amani

Liberty — Uhuru

  • Plenty & & prosperity — Raha na ustawi
  • In the words of Scriptures, an Agano Government will:
    • Speak for the voiceless

Defend the poor and defenceless

  • Share equally and equitably
    • Bring justice for all

9   We shall not kill the unborn   child, give Kenya handouts, steal or allow money for the poor to be stolen nor shall we interfere with freedom of worship or use Kenyans to fight each other OR LEGALIZE ABORTION, SAME SEX MARRIAGES OR EVEN MARIJUANA. BUT WILL COME UP WITH PROGRAMS AND HUMAN LOVE AND GOVERNMENTAL ASSISTANCE TO TTIOSE CAUGHT IN THESE AREAS OF CHALLENGE AND HUMAN SPHERES. But we shall defend life and unborn child, take care of our youth, the orphan, disabled and old and helpless widow.

  1. In the first one hundred (100) days, we shall demand   all moneys our illegally stashed abroad and locally, be brought back and released to care for Kenyans, hospitals, youth, schools, farmers, Pastoralists, fishing industry, boda boda, unemployed   and, cottage industries, etc. We are concerned   about high process of goods and food, high debts, unemployment. All these are as a result of theft/ wezi, corruption and mrs-management.
  2. We are telling Kenyans, Kenya will not move one (1) inch as a nation if you return these guys who have presided over the plunder of our economy for over fifty (50) years.
  3. There are many things to say But, they are in our manifesto. We are saying: Badilisha viongozi

Badilisha Kenya