Air force General Mohamed Badi to head newly created Nairobi Metropolitan Service

President Kenyatta in a past function.[PHOTO COURTESY]

President Uhuru Kenyatta has created the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) office headed by Major General Mohamed Badi of the Kenya Air Force.

The new Director-General will be deputised by Enosh Momanyi, whose terms begin today, March 18. The NMS is now in charge of some functions of the Nairobi County which have been transferred to the National Government.

Uhuru asked the general to end the rampant corruption in the county and cartels who run important functions, rendering slow growth in the county.

“I have tasked the Nairobi Metropolitan Services to bring an end to the corruption and dismantle the cartels that have slowed growth in the county,” the president said.

Uhuru also pledged full support from the government towards achieving this goal.

The two have also been tasked with streamlining urban renewal projects, for example, those along Jevanjee and Pangani areas in Nairobi. The president was speaking during the official hand-over of some functions of the County Government to the National Government at State House, Nairobi.