Al Shabaab Militant destroyed Telco mask with Bombs


Three days after attacking a bus and a private vehicle in the same location, suspected Al-Shabaab militants blasted a telecommunications mast in Banisa Sub-County, Mandera County.

nearby people who spoke to the Journalist said the militants on Tuesday night used bombs to destroy the mast at the centre of Darkale.

We are in trouble and we have no idea who is going to save us. The militants are causing chaos and terror here. “The Safaricom mast was bombed at night, which weakened the communications infrastructure,” says Hassan Ahmed.

He said about ten other sub-stations had been served by the damaged mast.

On Monday the alleged al-Shabaab militants blew up on a roadside a private vehicle which was carrying examination material to Mandera.

Three of the occupants of the car have yet to be identified.

A few moments later, the same gang shot down a bus heading to Nairobi, but the driver hurried off and the escort police engaged the group in a shooting.
On Tuesday, the Banisa sub-county police commander, Edward Ibwaka, said air and foot operations had been undertaken in search of the trio missing.
“We were told that the police and military are searching our area for militants, but it’s surprising that a mast was destroyed in less than a day,” Mr Ahmed added.