Hon. (Dr.) Keynan, Wehliye Adan, CBS, MP We have a representative democracy,we wont ask you to support something that does not take care of our interest. Arid and Semi-Arid Land(ASAL)Counties are part of the larger Kenya and therefore we must be part and parcel of any process that changes the political, social and economic setup of this Nation, the BBI document is not a perfect document because its man-made and corrections must be there where necessary, all our issues have been submitted to the president and Hon. Raila Odinga all will be added to the document.

Raila is on your interest as a pastoral community lets all support BBI for a better tomorrow.

Governor Wajir- H.E Mohamed Abdi Mohamud – We thank the organisation for bringing the youth together, we also thank them for the good work they’re doing in the communities, building the nation. Abdi urged the youth to use social media positively to engage in activities that can help them build each other instead of destroying others through the platforms.

I consider BBI as a very trans-formative very consultative process. Opportunity for ASAL community to have a leader. Youths we support the political process that is better than the 2010 constitution – MP Wajir East Hon. Amin, Rashid Kassim

ASAL community is the most vibrant group in the participatory national conversation on the BBI no community has met most than the group.We have made our interest and views on what we want on the BBI and all have been met. -H.E Ali B.Korane -Governor, Garissa County

Abdihakim Keinan Abdihakim Keinan -Fight for the people with disability, to be included in the document , they also have a right and should be listened to, we are all equal and united.