Audit unearth over 600 ghost workers minting Sh60m annually


The Migori county government has been losing Sh60m annually to ghost workers and discrepancy in the payroll, an audit has revealed.

Audit Report handed to Governor Ochilo Ayacko

The Institute of Human Resource Management was contracted by the county government to audit the workforce, a report which was today handed over to governor Ochillo Ayacko in Migori town.

The audit on the payroll audit showed disparity Sh120m in a month and in another jumping to over Sh200m.

Ayacko said this will be the first step towards service delivery and giving mandate and pledges to the people which was to streamline and seal corruption loopholes.

He said after taking over office from his predecessor Okoth Obado, who served for the past decade the number of casuals were 427, but the audit has revealed a total of 1,034 with 607 not accounted for.

Ayacko said workers in a similar job group were earning different salaries with a discrepancy of over Sh300,000 with some employed without the due process of competitive advertising and interviews.

There are people who were employed without due process, employed without a budget and to positions which don’t exist.

The report was received by Caleb Opondi for Public Service Management and Devolution for what Ayacko said will undergo fixing and long term solution for an accountable county government.