Capwell Industries donates Kshs 20 million worth of maize meal to alleviate effects of COVID 19 pandemic


With more companies and organizations stepping up to help in the fight against COVID 19, Capwell Industries Limited, a food and beverage processing company headquartered in Thika – Kenya, has donated maize meal worth Kshs 20 million to the Covid-19 Emergency response Fund, to support vulnerable communities, as the pandemic continues to affect people’s livelihoods.

The company targets to feed over 85,000 Kenyans across the country, whose incomes and livelihoods have been disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, with the donation packaged in its popular Soko Maize meal flour. Each family will be receiving two packets of 2kg of Soko maize meal.

Capwell Industries will be requesting the Covid-19 Emergency response fund team to channel some of the Soko Maize meal flour donation to vulnerable communities living within Kiambu County where it is headquartered.

 “Times such as these call for individuals, communities, public and private sectors to rally and support each other. As a responsible corporate citizen and an indigenous Kenyan company, we have always been at the forefront and unwavering in standing with Kenyans for better or for worse, and this is one such moment,” said Capwell Industries Chief Executive Officer – Rajan Shah.

In addition to the Sh20 Million worth of maize flour given to the Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund, Capwell Industries has already made other donations worth Kshs 2 million and has promised to continue supporting the local Kiambu County government and other national government efforts in the fighting against Covid-19. Some of the initiatives supported by the company in Kiambu County include:

  • Donating food care packs to vulnerable communities living within Thika Sub-county
    • This includes 550 food ration packs (Soko maize meal flour and Ranee rice) to 275 elderly and vulnerable persons living within Biashara location in Thika town.
    • Food ration packs (Soko maize meal and Ranee rice) to Thika Children’s Rescue Centre in Thika Sub-County.
    • And another 100 food ration packs to Thika Sports Club Caddies.
  • Donating liquid hand washing soap, toiletries, water tanks and handwashing basins to improve hygiene and sanitary conditions to various communities living within Thika Sub-County comprising:
    • Tissue paper, 2 water containers for handwashing and 10 litres of liquid washing soap to Thika Children’s Rescue Centre in Thika Sub-County.
    • 13 water tanks each with a capacity of 110 litres and 100 litres of liquid soap, to various police stations in Thika Sub-County and Thika Main prison.
    • 30 bales of tissue paper and 10 cartons of bar soap to Thika Main Prison in Thika town, to assist the prison’s population of 1,000 inmates.
  • Partnering with Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) and Kiambu County Government to support handwashing initiatives in Kiandutu slums and busy market areas in Thika by donating 10 water tanks with wash basins, with a capacity of 80 litres each. The Water tanks will be placed in Kiandutu slums and open-air markets within Thika Sub-County in efforts to promote hygiene and curb the spread of Covid-19.