The government is fast tracking a bill that aims at highlighting the importance of care givers for persons living with disabilities in the country. This was alluded to by the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the ministry of gender Hon Linah Jebii Kilimo during the inaugural launch of First Deafblind Africa conference.

The conference is a three day event taking place at the Kenya Institute of Special Education. Mrs Kilimo alluded, “It’s noted that we have caregivers according persons with disabilities 24 hours care in a bid to dignify their lives and make it more meaningful.

The bill is currently under the second reading in Parliament and we expect that it sees the light of day very soon.”Mrs Kilimo was quick to note that there’s a digital registration which is ongoing in a bid to avoid impersonation.On the progress made, the Chief Administrative Secretary alluded that the government has done exemplary well through the Street families rehabilitation fund.

“Any Pwd found in street will be asked why they are there because we have enhanced their registration and enrolment in programs either for them to Open shop in street or do business for self dependence.”The Constitution of Kenya 2010 highlights that it’s up to the government to create enabling environment for everyone to exploit their potential.

Another important milestone is that the persons living with disabilities have benefited from Acess to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO). Given opportunity to supply to government Why we must register them.

To ensure no impersonationThey enjoy tax exemption. Extended retirement age.NCPWD provide education support. Personal devices. Tools of trade. Beneficiaries of these services. New system captured data. Engage MoH on decentralisation of the MOH director signature to the countiesFor medical assessment and categorization guidelines developed by the ministry of health.Recognise the work of non state actors and development agencies. Together with other international partners continue to compliment the efforts of govt to better Deafblind individuals.Kenya signatory to various instruments to UHCR treaty.