Caretaker Discloses Lady Who Fell From Seventh Floor’s Final Moment.


The resident of the Ruaka flat where college student Catherine Njeri died after falling to her death described the final moments leading up to the event.

On Tuesday, May 23, when speaking to the media, the caretaker mentioned that the lady had gone to a friend’s house where her boyfriend lived for a party.

On the night of May 21, a Sunday, Njeri and the friend’s boyfriend left the house and went to the rooftop on the seventh story.

While the party was going on, the caretaker, who was at his home, was unable to explain the victim’s and the friend’s boyfriend’s intentions or the length of time they spent on the rooftop.

In order to examine the situation, he later called the victim’s friends and the police.
“Every one of her companions was terrified; even those who had slept off had to be roused. They hurried to the first floor to see,” he said.
According to the pictures, the woman was bloodied, half naked, and laying face down on the ground. Investigations to piece together what happened on the faithful night started as her body was moved to the neighborhood morgue.

He was a Kenya Institute of Management student, age 23. Police were requested to expedite the inquiries by her family and friends.

Her older sister said, “As a family, we want to know what really happened—was she pushed or did she fling herself to her death.

Police authorities detained three males and two women on May 23 in connection with the event to aid in the investigations.

According to Peter Maina, Kiambaa Deputy Commissioner, “When the incident happened, she was with five friends who have been taken in to aid in investigations.”

The event involving Njeri was one of many similar ones, particularly those involving university students between the ages of 20 and 25 who fell from city high-rise flats.