As I have stated, this message will be broadcast through our regional and vernacular radio stations for the next two
months. It is our prayer that this time round, Kenyans will prioritise two things: Peace and electing more women. This is the only way to demonstrate maturity and position our country among the proud democracies that have recognised the value of including all citizens, both men
and women, young and not so young running the nation’s affairs in an inclusive manner.

After all, are we not all born equal? We are only emphasising what everybody already knows: That all people, men and women, boys and girls, have equal rights,
including the right to lead. Our demands are, therefore not outrageous. We are only reminding Kenyans to take the
greatest care not to ruin our country just because somebody needs to ascend to power. After all, elections come and go, but Kenya remains.

In a recent report, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has already flagged out Six Counties where violence is beginning to simmer. Kenyans of all ages must be fully alert to ensure that we protect our country from these unnecessary occurrences that seem to haunt us during every election period. We remind Kenyans to adopt our clarion call: PEACE STARTS WITH ME.

Today, I am also extremely delighted to present campaign materials, including Posters and lesos, to some of our
women candidates. We all know how rigorous and expensive campaigns in Kenya are.

This Program targets to boost campaigns for at least 100 women who have been cleared by the IEBC to run for various seats in the forthcoming General Elections. As is the case with all our programs, this support to women candidates is fully inclusive and non-partisan. This phase targets 100 women including 17 young women and Three
women with disabilities. The women candidates are drawn from over Twenty Political parties

Unfortunately, the number of young women and women with disabilities remains dismal as most of them either do
not present themselves as candidates, and when they do, only a small number makes it through the Political party
nominations. We have partnered with Siasa Place to mine as many young women as possible. We shall however continue to do what we can to reach out to young women and women with disabilities to ensure that no woman is left behind.

Finally, I am acutely aware that the materials we are donating are nowhere near sufficient. Much more is needed. But we are also aware that Kenyans are now well aware of the reasons why they must elect women.

Women leaders are more inclusive, they bring lasting peace and are more concerned about basic issues of life
including water, affordable health, education and care for the vulnerable especially the elderly, those with disabilities and children. That is why we are calling on the Kenyan electorate to elect women. CHAGUA MAMA!