Chapa Dimba: An opportunity to soar

The Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom Football Tournament was aimed at recruiting young talent aged 16 to 20 years from all regions of the country to play in a national tournament and showcase their talent.

Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom has given Kenyan youth an exemplary platform to showcase their talents and grow their skills for a better future.

Being a national football tournament for male and female youth aged between 16-20 years, Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom seeks to transform the lives of young people.

The tournament welcomes teams from different parts of the country, each comprising of 15 players and two officials in the group stage.

Teams that progress through group stages are allowed to recruit three more players to their squads, with the overall winner in both boys and girls’ categories pocketing Sh1 million.

Just as its rallying call states,” Every game is an opportunity,” various teams will be gearing up for this weekends opportunity to be victorious in the Chapa Dimba na Safaricom taking place in Nairobi’s Jamhuri High School grounds.

Miriam Lutomia raised in a family of five by a single parent is a beneficiary of season two Chapa Dimba na Safaricom competition and relishes appearing again for season three, this is after having a successful training camp in Spain, being among the selected few to get the chance to travel abroad.

She won the most valuable player award, pocketing a cool thirty thousand shillings which enabled her purchase a parcel of land for her family and she sees season three as a great chance to get to the finals, scoop the a million shilling reward and accomplish her dream of building her family a house.

” I live in Nakuru with my five siblings with our mother, a single parent, I won thirty thousand shillings in season two and we bought land, so i have to go back in order to build a house…” she said.

Lutomia the captain of Falling Waters team says that their aim is not to just win the regionals but to surge ahead to the nationals to win the one million shillings to change their lives.

Chapa Dimba is an opportunity for young, passionate and energetic young stars to actualize their dreams and grow through the game.